Drop Shipping, Grading, Liquidation Lots, Refurbishing, Storage

We get asked regularly about other services related to selling on Amazon.

Drop shipping

We do not offer a drop shipping service because:

  • It would compete for time with our prep and forwarding to FBA service.

  • We cannot guarantee next business day shipping.

  • We do not want to manage inventory.

Grading, liquidation lots, refurbishing

We do not offer grading, liquidation lots, refurbishing services because they all hinge on the quality of the products being sent to Amazon, the responsibility for assessing that quality, and the disruption it causes to our operations.

Note that liquidation lots are different than overstock lots.  Overstock lots do not include returns, used, or damaged items.


We used to offer a storage service but this is not possible anymore.  The building we are housed in is at capacity , and we conserve our space for work in progress only.